Giving to New Creation Community

How do I give to New Creation Community Church?

On Sundays, you may place a check or cash in the offering plate when it gets passed during worship services. Envelopes are available by contacting Ann Smith at 717-881-5215.

Consider electronic funds transfer from your checking account. Saves time, postage and check fees and you don’t forget to bring your contribution on Sunday. To set up this electronic form of contribution, fill out an Authorization Agreement, attach a voided check and give to church treasurer. At any time you desire, you may change or cancel this authorization.

Use a debit or credit card to give online. The debit or credit card info is processed through an electronic gateway service that employs encryption and other security methods to protect your financial information. Please note that the church must pay a small processing fee to receive your contributions this way.

What forms of non-cash contributions may I give to NCCC?

  • Public traded securities
  • Closely-held stock
  • Real estate
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Paid insurance policies