Our Pastor


Thank you for taking the time to visit New Creation Community Church’s (NCCC) website. We have been praying for this chance to introduce ourselves to you. Our desire is to be a place to connect God to your life so that you might know He is mighty in it, and I believe NCCC is better facilitating that purpose every day!

My name is Pastor Kurt Herzberg. My wife Delores and I just recently moved here three years ago. In my short time here, I have discovered a family of real people with real struggles, but also victories, hearts to rediscover God in new ways, a community that supports one another and holds one another accountable in faith, prays for one another, and helps one another in real ways. But, NCCC has a history of ministering beyond our family, to the community, and world, with that same love!

As we contend with proliferation of all things COVID, we invite you to reconnect to other people through out ministry.  While the last year has been a challenge, we are actively pursuing ministry for the benefit of our community.  We ask for your prayers and presence to continue in a way that brings Glory to God!  We want NCCC to be a place that’s “Connecting Church & Home”. We are real people who want to help you foster real practical relationship with your Father in Heaven. God wants to impact your life, your marriage, and your legacy in your children! He wants to be your guide in your work and leisure time, your challenges, your thoughts and actions! He offers His goodness to create a life that brings an excitement and new joy in living, a hope for your future, and we want to help you discover that!   So, join in one of our community events or outreach ministries.  Consider accepting our help through one of our many ministry areas; or visit us on a Sunday for worship.  What ever is comfortable for you, we are ready to meet you where you are.  We are praying for you!!