Our Pastor

Interim Pastor – Eugene Liddick welcomes you!

IN THE INTERIM! Interim! What an odd word! Let us discover its meaning and how it is used. Webster Dictionary defines interim as follows: as a noun –

  1. aninterveningtime; interval; meantime:

School doesn’t start till September, but he’s taking a Spanish class in the interim.

  1. atemporaryor provisional arrangement; stopgap; makeshift:

As an interim, her summer job was pretty good.

As an adjective:  for, during, belonging to, or connected with an intervening period of time; temporary; provisional:

an interim order; an interim job.

As an adverb: meanwhile.


Hmn! So for meantime I am your interim pastor. During this interval period from now until June 30, 2018, I will serve New Creation Community Church, here in Dover, PA. Meanwhile this is a period of adjustment for all concerned. This in between time, from what was to what will be in the form of pastoral leadership, I am here to help you process matters. My hope is to prepare us in this time of transition, for a positive future for the people of New Creation Church.


I make a further introduction of myself. My given name is Eugene Liddick. I go by Gene, short for Eugene (meaning well-born in Latin). I retired from the Susquehanna Conference on July 1st, after 34 years as clergy. Recently I trained to be a Certified Interim Pastor. Because I have been trained to be an intentional interim pastor, I was asked to come to minister with you. My prayer is that I might help you recognize where you are as a congregation now and help you prepare for another pastor after this interim period is over. So I step in for such a time as this in an interval period of adjustment.


I am father to two adult sons, both adopted. Philip, age 32, was born in Thailand. He came to the U.S. at age 3. At age 5, he was recognized as a U.S. citizen. He is father to two daughters. His wife Breceli is about to birth a son within weeks from now. From early on I came to understand that ours is an interracial family. The same summer that Philip arrived here, his brother was born.  Nathan was truly a “gift from God” as translated from the Hebrew language. Nate is 29 years old. What a strange summer and wonderful blessing to be an ‘instant family.’ Pam, their adoptive mother and I are in a period of transition. I inform you as a matter of transparency and to communicate that I am learning about loss, guilt felt and the awkwardness that comes with change.


May we learn together and grow together! Perhaps we may learn all the more of God’s grace. May we also find God working in and through us as we grow in our understanding of how God will guide us. You are in my prayers. And do, please, pray for me!


Pastor Gene Liddick.