Food Pantry



Did you know that New Creation Community Church has a working food pantry? Let me reintroduce it to all of you! I took over the food pantry sometime in 2015. At the time we were on the small side but with everyone’s help we grew it into a substantial pantry. In the last year we have served over 8 families totaling approximately forty people. We have three full size cabinets loaded with food for anyone who has a need. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or a big fancy house. If you are going through a rough time and we all have, we are h ere to help. It is a helping hand for anyone who needs it. In other words, everyone qualifies, and everyone can participate. The only guideline we have is we can only give out food once a month to reduce abuse. I encourage people to contact New Hope if their need is bigger than that. I also give out an invitation to come to our Church for services. If assistance is needed you can call me or Linda Askey and she will give you my number to call. I am generally available at any time to assist.

Our pantry usually consists of the following item: Canned goods (soups, veggies, fruit, canned pasta’s etc.) Canned meats (Tuna, Spam, Chicken) Pastas of all kinds, Hamburger and Tuna Helper, Breakfast items (Pancake mix & syrup, pop tarts etc.) Condiments (mustard, catsup, mayo, salad dressings etc.) We except any dry goods. We love having a variety of foods.

I would like to Thank the people of the congregation who have been more than generous with their donations of food. If anyone is interested in donating, you can talk to me about it or just bring it in. I ask that you put in the Soul Talk room. Donations can be brought in before or after Sunday services or anytime of the week. Someone will let me know if there is food for me to put away.

Thank you again and God Bless you all for all your help.
Joanne Schmuck