Upward Youth Sports

images89MDJF54About Upward sports

Established in 1995, Upward Sports is the world’s largest Christian youth sports provider. Upward Sports is the only organization that offers the 360 Progression, a uniquely designed total sports experience that adapts and expands as players grow in their personal athletic journey. The 360 Progression develops total athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially-producing players who excel both on and off the field. Currently, New Creation Community Church offers flag football and cheerleading for grades K-6th beginning each summer in August. For details on Upward sports programs, call the New Creation Community Church office at 717-764-0252 or email Chip at leland.foeksii@compass-usa.com.

The Upward experience

  • 1 practice and 1 game per week
  • Unique sub system ensures every young athlete plays
  • Quality game day uniforms and other sport-related gear
  • Age-appropriate character and skill development both on and off the field
  • Brief faith-based devotional (at the water break) linking sportsmanship and Christian values


Upwards has completed the program for this season, please watch for details on the 2018 season.