 On May 24 & 31, 10:30am, we will be opening for drive-in worship services with limited seating outside of cars. (One service only these Sundays.)

 Our tentative date to reopen the church for inside sanctuary services continues to be June 7, 2020 with limitations to be announced.


Please read, and understand the implications, of the following guidelines. We mean to honor the guidelines prescribed by authorities and will act accordingly to adhere to them. While we understand the burden, understand persons choosing not to recognize our efforts to comply could jeopardize our meeting together. Therefore, we thank you in advance for your grace during this transition to normalcy.

Please follow the general guidelines as follows:

• Meet in rear parking lot only. The front doors will remain locked. Please park facing the building because the pastor will be leading from the rear of the building.
• We’ll be using a loudspeaker system for sound.
• Unlimited number of cars allowed with persons remaining in their car.
• 50 persons allowed to sit outside their cars.
 Must provide own chairs
 Those who arrive in the car may sit together.
 Persons from separate cars must maintain 6’ distancing.
 No masks needed if 6’ apart, but please bring a mask!
Please expect that outside seating may reach its limit of 50 before you arrive requiring you to stay in your car. (Don’t be disappointed, but joyful to gather!)
• The church rear door will be open exclusively for use of the restrooms.
 Those entering must wear a mask.
 Must maintain 6’ distancing in the building.
 No congregating in the church.
 No use of the water fountain inside.
 There will be an usher to open/close the door.

Additional notes:
• After the service, two ushers will collect your offering from your car window as you leave the rear parking lot.
• We will still be recording a service on Saturday for release on Sunday mornings.
• We will be attempting to do live streaming of the drive-in service so those at home can join us.
• On drive-in service Sundays, we will not be meeting for Sunday School or Jr. Church. You are encouraged to join a virtual class. Jr. Church messages will continue to be on our YouTube Channel.
• In the case of inclement weather, watch for a cancelation notice on our Facebook page. If you see it, please relay this to others that may be digitally limited.