Upward Youth Sports


New Creation is overjoyed to offer this program for players and volunteers each fall.  We encourage all families of Kindergarteners through 6th grade to join our ranks. As your child learns the fundamentals of the game, he or she will learn the rules, teamwork, sportsmanship and a biblical model they can apply each day.

This league is not just for the children. We need you, the parent, to be active too. It comes together best when you are on the field, in the huddle, or blowing the whistle. Coaches and referees are key roles as we guide these players forward as teams. Your action can be an encouragement to your child and so many more.

 Thank you to all the volunteers and families who participated in the 2023 season!   But, now the 2024 season is upon us!  You may click here for a full description of this program experience and here for specific dates and times related to our church’s 2024 season when updated later this year.

Direct any questions to Chip Foeks at chipfoeks@gmail.com or call 717-324-2764.

Thank you.